The Canada Day Maple Six
The Canada Day Maple Six
The Canada Day Maple Six

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The Canada Day Maple Six

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Maple Six Pack is back for a limited time. 

Its "OuttaMaple" week. We couldn't get our hands on that golden deliciousness for a little while and well we ran out of maple. Have no fear, it will be back soon and in the mean time we're giving everyone a chance to get a jump on us and order some before it comes. 

This promo ends August 17th. Use code "outtamaple" to get 15% off. 

Does it get any sweeter than this? Simply, the answer is just no.

Picture yourself walking down a trail in the forest and you spot 6 bags of Sizzle Maple Syrup just sitting on a stump. You'd grab'em!

Stay Sizzlin' 

The Maple Six includes (6) Six Maple Syrup Sizzle Packages. Made with pure organic Maple Syrup!

Available for shipping to US, Canada & UK