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As a snack that has been so rooted in entertainment for decades, popcorn is a go to when you want to sit down and enjoy the show. Now that you are the entertainment, let’s bring out the popcorn for you! Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with plenty of entertainment in between. 



You don't have to be a huge name to join the #SizzleFam. Share the love of popcorn with your audience no matter the size. 



A. There are many benefits to being a Kernel! First and foremost you will be able to network with other Kernels and help grow your communities together. You can now also offer discounts to your communities and fans as well as earn a commission on those sales. There are also exclusive Discord channels, community events and so much more to help you grow as a content creator!

A. OF COURSE! We work with creators on all platforms: Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and many more. You do not need to only engage in live content to be partnered.

A. On average your application will be reviewed within 5 business days. We carefully review all details so please be patient!

A. There is no “set” amount that we require, as we look through a multitude of facets when reviewing applications.

A. This is what we hope for! As you grow your community and fans we hope to see you grow with us. All Kernels are continually reviewed by our team to look for the next “Popper"!

A. Kernels” are paid from a commission rate every month if the minimum requirement is met. All “Popper” partnerships we enter are different but we do reward for sales/advertising depending on reach.

A. Yes and then some! Although every partnership we enter is different we still hold organizations to a high standard. If you wish to apply as an organization please email directly.