As a snack that has been so rooted in entertainment for decades, popcorn is a go to when you want to sit down and enjoy the show. Now that you are the entertainment, let’s bring out the popcorn for you! Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with plenty of entertainment in between.



 You don't have to be a huge name to join the #SizzleFam. Share the love of popcorn with your audience no matter the size.   


A. There are many benefits to being a Kernel! First and foremost you will be able to network with other Kernels and help grow your communities together. You can now also offer discounts to your communities and fans as well as earn a commission on those sales. In addition to working one on one with our partnership manager, exclusive Discord channels, community events and so much more to help you grow as a content creator!

A. Our Kernels can all work their way to our exclusive Popper role! In addition to everything our Kernels benefit from, Poppers have a boosted 15% discount code, first dibs on knowing top secret information on new product releases, care packages, individual promotional activations, and other exclusive opportunities before anyone else!

A. Followers or average viewers won’t necessarily impact anything. We are looking for creators with a social reach who are a great fit for the #SizzleFam and our community. Some requirements that MUST be met:

● Tasted Sizzle Popcorn product before. Those who have not tried the product will be auto-denied

● You must be 18+ years of age to be considered

● Residents within the USA and Canada

● At least 6 months streaming/content creation and community building

● DAILY content creation (across whatever platforms they use)

● Regular streaming/content creation schedule

● Support for SizzlePopcorn socials and community (Discord, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc)

● Sales experience preferred

A. Yes! These can be discussed with our partnership manager if your application is accepted.

A. OF COURSE! We work with creators who are on a variety of platforms.

A. On average, your application will be reviewed within 7-10 business days. Our team works to carefully review each application. An influx in applications can cause delays.

A. YES! We look to build long lasting relationships with our partners and affiliates. All current partners were once affiliates and we’ve grown together. Our team works to evaluate Kernels/Affiliates often for promotions to the Popper/Partner program.

A. Our Kernel/Affiliate program is affiliate marketing-based. Sales are generated on a commission rate per month. Partners/Poppers are the same, with opportunities for special activations.

A. There are often internal opportunities for our Kernels and Poppers to be sent product for special awards within the program. Part of our Popper program includes regular sendouts where possible.

A. At this time, we are not looking to work with any organizations or teams. We are focusing on individual creators. We will update socials if/when this changes.