Maple Syrup 2-Pack
Maple Syrup 2-Pack
Maple Syrup 2-Pack

Sizzle Popcorn

Maple Syrup 2-Pack

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Its "OuttaMaple" week. We couldn't get our hands on that golden deliciousness for a little while and well we ran out of maple. Have no fear, it will be back soon and in the mean time we're giving everyone a chance to get a jump on us and order some before it comes. 

This promo ends August 17th. Use code "outtamaple" to get 15% off.

All Orders ship the week of August 21st.

So sweet so Canadian. We brought this flavor out of the woods cause it was just too irresistible, just like you. You're gonna need to bring some sweetness back into your life and Maple Syrup will do just that. Imagine this, you're all cozied up playing games with the homies thinking about breakfast but eating a sweet snack that hits the spot and makes you forget the time. Eat mean and stay sweet.  

When you place an order for this popcorn you get 2-PACKAGES!

This is our 100g (3oz) size bag.

Made with 4 ingredients ONLY. Non-GMO Canadian Sourced Popcorn, Canola Oil, Better for you salt and organic Maple Syrup. THAT'S ALL!