Combo 2-Pack Mexican Chili & Maple Syrup

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Combo 2-Pack Mexican Chili & Maple Syrup

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The spicy and sweet combo is guaranteed to clash in the perfect way. Imagine these two flavors layered on top of each just melting in your mouth. Laughing it up on stream chillin with the homies in chat and going all out on a combo of popcorn like no other! If you ever wondered what drizzling maple syrup on a taco tastes like then this is it. You have to be brave.

2-Pack combos are just that, you get 2-Packs. One of each flavor. 1 Mexican Chili & 1 Maple Syrup. 

This is are our 100g (3oz) size bags made with Canadian Sourced Non-GMO White Popcorn. 2 Servings Total.