Combo 2-Pack Mexican Chili & Cheddar
Combo 2-Pack Mexican Chili & Cheddar

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Combo 2-Pack Mexican Chili & Cheddar

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Have you ever thought of getting in on that spicy kinda cheezy flavor? Now is your chance to find out what all the hype is about. Grab yourself a big a** bowl and get to mixing. The savory delicious touch of White Cheddar and spice of Mexican Chili make it an irresistible choice. Think of a taco topped with the highest quality cheddar topping. 

Time to get poppin'

2-Pack combos are just that, you get 2-Packs. One of each flavor. 

(White Cheddar Contains Milk and is NOT Vegan Friendly)

These are our 100g (3oz) size bags made with Canadian Sourced Non-GMO White Popcorn. 2 Servings Total.