Combo 2-Pack Cheddar & Ketchup
Combo 2-Pack Cheddar & Ketchup

Sizzle Popcorn

Combo 2-Pack Cheddar & Ketchup

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We figured we would give everyone a chance to narrow down their decisions and give some of that classic Cheddar a try while getting a little risky with some Ketchup Sizzle if you've never tried it. We're giving you the chance to play it safe while also taking the leap on something unconventional and kinda weird. Do you got the guts?

2-Pack combos are just that, you get 2-Packs. One of each flavor.

(White Cheddar Contains Milk and is NOT Vegan Friendly)

This is are our 100g (3oz) size bags made with Canadian Sourced Non-GMO White Popcorn. 2 Servings Total.