Rockit Gets Us All Poppin!

We're all about esports entertainment snacking, no matter what game or tourney it is popcorn is the perfect snack. Just like Rockit, there are no limits to how wild or weird you can get. Be like Rockit. 

Stay up all night if you have to to get your game or stream on. 

Rockit does it all of the time and gets through it with his favorite snack, popcorn (duh!)

Editing Clips? Make sure you don't do it without a snack by your side. That special spark of inspiration might hit you like a blast of Ketchup flavor. 

Winning a Title? Celebrate in the cheesiest way with some Cheddar Popcorn and bask in all the glory.

Win a Round? Don't be too salty just Lightly Salted and not so serious like our original Sizzle Pop and maybe you'll get recruited to that team you've been grinding for. 

Playing Spoiler to Your Rival Clan? Toss a little Salt & Vinegar in the wound for just a hint of extra satisfaction. 

No rules, no limits and all fun all the time. 

Sizzle is the official popcorn of esports, let the world know!